Ultrabunny Band Bio

Bobby Bunny and Malcolm Tent founded Connecticut’s proto-grunge/lostinspacerock/artcore/noisecore/dadacore/antiscene-scene collective BunnyBrains in 1988 and played with them for most of 16 years. Their original concept of a Flipper/Neubauten/Happy Flowers/Butthole Surfers-inspired sloppy post punk trio who shoved brutal, chaotic and undisciplined improv anti-rock in the face of dumbfounded, irate punk and alt/indie fans back in 1988, had by 2001, after going through 65 band members and releasing 33 tapes and records, become a bloated mess of meandering hippie stoner jam bullshit and though oddly still popular enough to get them choice gigs and label attention, was miles away from what Bobby & Malcolm had intended, so…

In 2002 Bobby Bunny (guitar/vocals and electronics) and Malcolm Tent (bass and vocals), scouted 17 year old Pete Beest (drums) and re-launched as BunnyBrains ’88, to reclaim their 1988 roots and ideals as music-destroying power trio, but shortly after, in order to avoid being confused with the sad pathetic band still operating under the name The Bunny Brains, they upgraded to Ultrabunny, a name denoting their superior Bunny-ness and a homage to japanese cult TV superhero Ultraman, because they can both level an entire city in under 3 minutes.

Ultrabunny distills glam/psych/noise/post-punk/no-wave/70s rock into a performance that rivals the sound and fury of every record in your local vinyl record store played simultaneously, though a pair of massive broken speakers that seriously need reconing. They challenge you to take a listen, though theyre not legally responsible for subsequent hearing loss or rapid onset psychosis.

Member Bios

Before BunnyBrains, back in 1985 Bobby Bunny had his one-man experimental pop and 8bit sampler-based punk band Invaders from Sears which caught the attention of both Moby and Sonic Youth. He then joined Butthole Surfers’ spin-off heavy psych band Beme Seed for a couple albums in 1989, and Beme Seed members reunion band GO-Fi until they too split up. In the late 90s he refreshed The Bunnybrains bringing in a new lineup and did several albums and US tours. He also formed a side project Fish Fish with his college friends Rik, Eddie, Lauren, Joy and Davisha – Rik and Eddie would later go on to form the NYC glam metal band The Toilet Boys. Bobby, being the Eno to Malcolms John Cale, dabbles in experimental side and solo projects including Ultrabunny’s abstract alternate marque Infrabunny. He occasionally performs collaborative projects with other Brooklyn, NY avant garde scene noise rockers centered around Beme Seed’s producer Martin Bisi. He started the DIY cassette label observation deck information in 1986, which was followed by the DIY net label Bilge Dasto in 2002.

Malcolm Tent owned and operated Connecticut’s premier alternative culture and record shop Trash American Style for 21 years, and though no longer a brick and mortar store, he still sells records all across the northeast online and in person under the Trash moniker. He also runs the DIY punk record label TPOS, with 258 releases between 1986 and 2024 and still going strong. Malcolm has played in numerous bands since the early 80s such as Miami’s Broken Talent, Connecticut’s King Hatreds, his side projects Bobby, BB Gun and Fried Man and he and Bobby even performed as GG Allin’s Bloody Apostles at one point. He collaborated with members of DEVO and The Residents. His solo acoustic act tours around the United States playing obscure novelty cover songs, DEVO tunes and his own inspirational and witty, anti-political, straightedge anthems. Malcolm can also be seen playing bass for black metal band Profanatica, punk shock rockers The Murder Junkies, local troublemakers They Hate Us and hardcore legends Antiseen.

Ultrabunny has had several drummers: originally the teen beat king Pete Beest from 2002-2009, then Connecticut/Austin TX record maverick Chris “Doc” Prorock from 2009 to 2012, “Jazzy” Jan J4, the worlds oldest new waver, then teenage multi-instrumentalist wunderkind Evan Robots (aka Mickey Blurrr). Credit also goes to our guest drummers Jeff “KIng Sexy” Coleman, Ezer Longinus, Dino Sex, Fume Jume Sippy, Dingus The Clown and Eddie O’Dowd who also played with us at our very first show in 1988.

Bobby and Malcolm are also extreme record collectors, fans of vintage music dating back to of course the 60s, 70s and 80s LPs, 1940s and 50s Shellac 78s and the Edison Cylinder era. They love releasing music on outdated formats such as reel to reel tape, 8 tracks and minidiscs, and they do all their own photography and graphic design, shoot music videos, publish art books and show their work in galleries.

Ultrabunny 2024 Personnel

Bobby Bunny – guitar + synths + tapes + vocals

Malcolm Tent – bass + drums + toys + vocals

For bookings and managerial questions, as well as record sales and record review requests, please contact Malcolm Tent

For press information, interview requests and website questions,
please contact Bobby Bunny

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