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Upcoming Shows

October 11, Brooklyn, NY - The Omega Order with Fistula, Dutchguts and Set. $10. Stoner and Sludge Metal.

October 31, Danbury, CT - Private Halloween Party with Red Temples (featuring Ultrabunny's Evan Robots) and Stevie Wondar. Write us for an invite.

Latest Releases

TPOS 0?? Ton O' Luv/4th Dimension 45rpm 7"
Double A-Side single on lavender vinyl - Two DEVO covers from Ultrabunny.

BilgeDasto 024 The Third Ultrabunny Album
Free digital download of our very first studio LP. Get it HERE

Music Videos

Watch the latest Ultrabunny music videos!

Squirrel Attack (schnauzer mix)

Project Gemini

Where to Buy

Ultrabunny Records, Cassettes, 8 Tracks and CDRs are available at the following Record Stores:

New England

TPOS Records - Danbury, CT

Redscroll Records - in Wallingford, CT

Gerosa Records - Brookfield, CT

Telegraph Records - New London, CT

Willimantic Records - Willimantic, CT

Feeding Tube Records - Northampton, MA

Weirdo Records - Cambridge, MA

New York

Academy Annex - Brooklyn, NY

Cake Shop Records - New York, NY

Downtown Music Gallery - New York, NY

Hospital Productions - New York, NY

Other Music - New York, NY

Darkside Records & Gallery - Poughkeepsie, NY


My Mind's Eye Records - Lakewood, OH

Square Records - Akron, OH

Spoonful Records - Columbus, OH


Electric Kitsch - Bay City, MI

The Record Lounge - Lansing, MI

Flat Black & Circular - Lansing, MI

Trust Fall Records and Coffee - Grayling, MI


Mind Cure - Pittsburgh, PA

The Marvelous Records - Philadelphia, PA

Fresh Produce Records - Macon, GA

Goner Records - Memphis, TN

Vinyl Conflict Records - Richmond, VA

(If you are a record store and wish to carry our records, contact us for wholesale sales.)

Older Releases

TPOS128 Volume Merchants / Unsafe At Any Age (Read the glowing reviews here!)
Limited edition LP on black vinyl. 300 copies $8 from TPOS Records.

Noiseville 83 The Outer Bounds Of Sound.
Limited edition LP on black vinyl, only a few copies left! Available from Noiseville Records.

Equation E=MC6 Squirrel Attack EP.
Limited edition 10" on red/clear split vinyl, almost gone! $15 from TPOS Records.

TPOS127.5 Ultrabunny / Wolverine Carcass Split Single
hand-lathed 33rpm single on clear vinyl. 50 numbered copies. $10 from TPOS Records

We have re-released several Ultrabunny Live CDs under the creative commons license, which means free downloads for you! Grab them at the Free Music Archive.

Maybe one or two copies of our previous vinyl ep Squirrel Attack are still available on Equation Records, although its nearly sold out its limited run. What you get is a beautifully handcrafted 10" red and clear vinyl disc in a Bruce Lichter designed package containing two excellent live tracks on the b-side and a special magic a-side with two versions of "Squirrel Attack" on a "now you hear it, now you dont" double groove. Only 333 copies, and even cooler, the first 88 copies are a special edition box set with an ultra-rare hand-lathed 8.8" Picture Disc and a Bonus CD and goodies thrown in for good measure.

You can always download some free songs here, or at our own boutique online record label Bilge Dasto, or buy recent ultra limited edition handmade live CDRs from us at our gigs.

Listen to our über-psychedelic cover of the Hawkwind's "Born To Go" on our music downloads page.

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