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Ultrabunny related sites
Ultrabunny.com – Our official website
Trash American Style – Malcolm’s legendary punk rock music and alternative culture store
TPOS Records – Malcolm Tent’s record label delivering punk and hardcore since 1986
malcolmtent.net – All things Malcolm Tent
Invaders From Sears – Bobby’s solo band 1986-1989
BunnyBrains – Our previous band 1988-2002
More Than A Witness – Dr. Prorock’s hardcore reissues label
Monsterland – Thom and Greg contributed to our early recordings
Psychick TV 3 – Eddie the drummer is our old friend and plays with us occasionally
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Ultrabunny on SoundcloudLabels we are onTPOS Records – Our house label run by Malcolm Tent
Bilge Dasto – Our other house label run by Bobby Bunny
Equation Records
Noiseville Records
Wrecked ‘Em Records
Earstroke Records
Alamagator Records
Manic Productions

Some venues we have played
(If you are a promoter, contact us for bookings.)

Heirloom Arts Theatre, (155 Main St, Danbury, CT)
Cousin Larry’s, (1 Elm St, Danbury, CT)
Cafe Nine, (250 State St, New Haven, CT)
Popeye’s Garage, (50 Goffe St. New Haven, CT)
Redscroll Records, (24 North Colony Rd., Wallingford, CT)
Eclectic Wear, (19 Union St, New London, CT)
Windham Arts Collaborative Annex, (866 Main St, Willimantic, CT)
The El N Gee, (86 Golden St. New London, CT
Cakeshop (152 Ludlow St, NYC)
Lit Lounge (93 Second Ave, NYC)
Shea Stadium (20 Meadow St, Brooklyn, NY)
Death By Audio (49 South 2nd St Brooklyn, NY)
Don Pedro’s (90 Manhattan Ave. Brooklyn, NY)
The Grand Victory/Bruar Falls (245 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY)
Public Assembly, (70 North 6th St, Brooklyn, NY)
Exapno (33 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, NY)
The Trash Bar (256 Grand St)
Gebo House (Brooklyn, NY)
Bard College
SUNY Purchase College
Annabell’s Lounge (784 West Market St. Akron, OH)
5 O’Clock Lounge (11904 Detroit Rd. Lakewood, OH)
Spitfire Saloon (Lakewood, OH)
Happy Dog, (West 58th St. and Detroit Ave. Cleveland, OH)
Stone Tavern, (110 East Main St. Kent, OH)
Cafe Bourbon St, (2216 Summit St. Columbus, OH)
Bernie’s Bagels and Distillery (1896 North High St. Columbus, OH)
The Mill Hill Basement (300 Broad St. Philadelphia, PA)
Amma House (505 North Naylor St Alexandria, VA)

Some bands we’ve played with

King Hatreds – (Danbury, CT)
HED – (Danbury, CT)
G’nu Fuz – (Danbury, CT)
Teenage Night Hawks – (New London, CT)
Total Bolsheviks – (New London, CT)
Creepdust – (Connecticut)
Loud Youth – (Connecticut)
76% Uncertain – (Connecticut)
Kimono Draggin’ – (Connecticut)
They Hate Us – (Connecticut)
Sea of Bones – (Connecticut)
Gary Higgins – (Connecticut)
Crooked Hook – (Connecticut)
Bombsite Boys – (Connecticut)
Open Star Clusters – (Connecticut)
Brunch Mummies Internationale – (Connecticut)
Mending Wall – (Connecticut)
Dragzilla – (Connecticut)
Mark Thorne – (Connecticut)
Johnny Thursday & The Friday nights – (Connecticut)
Hygiene Wilder – (Connecticut)
Ovlov – (Connecticut)
Fighting Cocks – (Connecticut)
Ferocious Fucking Teeth – (Connecticut)
David Carradine – (Connecticut)
Myty Konkeror – (Connecticut)
Colourbük – (Long Island, NY)
Elliott Sharp – (NYC)
Plantre – (NYC)
Haunted Pussy – (NYC)
Xar! – (NYC)
The Liquid Tapedeck Fast Forward Flood – (NYC)
Chandy Pinkeye – (NYC)
Dead Ponies – (NYC)
Mi Fa Mi – (NYC)
Hunchback – (NYC)
Fur Cups For Teeth – (NYC)
Modern Day Urban Barbarians – (NYC)
The Anabolics – (NYC)
Scream And Scream Again – (NYC)
Blue Rider – (NYC)
Drayton Sawyer Gang – (NYC)
Animental – (NYC)
Invisible Circle – (NYC)
Brainwave Bionics – (NYC
The Pluto Moons – (NYC
Irmavep – (New York)
Maelstrom – (New York)
Puppies Hold Hands – (New York)
BigBooté – (Brooklyn)
Bezoar – (Brooklyn)
Compactor – (Brooklyn)
Glitter Freeze – (Brooklyn)
Poingly – (Brooklyn)
The Buddy Holocaust – (Brooklyn)
Liquor Store – (Brooklyn)
Magik Markers – (Brooklyn)
Dirty Churches – (Brooklyn)
Pink Mistake – (Brooklyn)
Poingly – (Brooklyn)
Apse– (Brooklyn)
The Art of Shooting – (Brooklyn)
Valerie Kuehne – (Brooklyn)
Joey Molinaro– (Brooklyn)
SSPS – (Brooklyn)
Elliptic– (Brooklyn)
Kiss Kiss – (Purchase, NY)
Apocalyptic Youth – (Purchase, NY)
Brevator – (Albany, NY)
Bosco DelRey – (New Jersey)
The Lotus – (Philly)
Kohoutek – (Philly)
Thee Ultimate Vag – (Philly)
Drums Like Machine Guns – (Philly)
Taaz – (Philly)
Human Host – (Baltimore)
Dan Deacon – (Baltimore)
The Plums – (Washington DC)
Caves Caverns – (Washington DC)
Angel Eyes – (Boston)
Dosdedos – (Boston)
White Mice – (Providence, RI)
An Albatross – (Pennsylvania)
The Weather – (Raleigh, NC)
Lorain Skum – (Lorain, OH)
Siscok – (Cleveland, OH)
Mr. California – (Cleveland, OH)
Milk & Cookies – (Cleveland, OH)
Burger Boys – (Cleveland, OH)
Sloth – (Cleveland, OH)
Gays In the Military – (Chicago)
THOR – (Florida)
Yip Yip – (Florida)
Zom Zoms – (Texas)
Sonic Uke – (???)
Leftover Crack
The Antarcticans– (Los Angeles)
George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic – (Space)
Acid Mothers Temple – (Japan)
Print – (???)
Athletic Automaton – (???)
Rabbit Rabbit
Giraffes? Giraffes!
Severe Severe

Artists we have worked with

Miwa Yagi – Painter
Jessica Delfino – Illustrator
Bruce Lichter – Designer
Skot Yobbagy – Photographer
Jesper Haynes – Photographer
Kristen Goehringer – Photographer
Kana Kimura – Dancer/Illustrator

Stuff we like and would happily shill for

Musicvox Guitars – as used by us
Tripp Fashions – as worn by Bobby Bunny

Squirrel attack sites

Squirrel Attack, the band
Scary Squirrel World
Squirrels Kill Dog

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