If you support the previous war in Iraq, the current war in Afghanistan, and the future war in Iran, please read this:
We shall respect our treaty commitments. We shall support vigorously the principle that no country has the right to impose its will or rule on another by force. The time has passed when America will make every other nation’s conflict our own, or make every other nation’s future our responsibility, or presume to tell the people of other nations how to manage their own affairs. Just as we respect the right of each nation to determine its own future, we also recognize the responsibility of each nation to secure its own future.
–President Richard M. Nixon, Innaugural Address 1973

Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.

JUST SAY NO to the mall-ification of America. Buy from local or independent businesses. Kill corporations by starving them of your dollars!

Fascism Alert: Great Depression II continues. Governments prop up failing private industry with billions in taxpayer dollars while citizens are still being jailed for downloading banal pop music and dimwitted hollywood movies from the internet. Americans enraged by racist/sexist billionaire politicians substituting for TV entertainment

Terror Alert Level: still holding at Fuschia for FAKE. There have been NO terror attacks since Bush blew up the WTC and there WON’T be any, because its FAKE. There are NO domestic terror plots, its just a scam to make you submit to a fascist govt takeover. Get with it folks, we hate to keep repeating this basic knowledge…

PSA: Have you hugged a gay cop today?

Please click on these non-profit website links and be an informed citizen of our vanishing democracy:

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